Marcel Khalife and Simon Shaheen Performed in Los Angeles

29 July 2000
Turath Photos (c)

Two 'Uds


Simon Shaheen on the violin and Marcel Khalife on the 'ud


Peter Herbert improvises on the base


Khalife, son Bachar, and Michel Merhej on the riqq


Simon Shaheen accepts Turath Award


Marcel Khalife accepts Turath Award


Opening performance by singer Michel Bilal, Musa Khalaf (violin), Samer Farah (qanun), Afif Taian ('ud), Faisal Zedan (darbukka), Raafat Rizq (riqq), and vocalists Ghazi Zedan, Ban Azziz, and Essam Tahhan.


Marcel Khalife and Simon Shaheen In Concert

Luckman Fine Arts
Los Angeles
29 July 2000

Music Program

1. Mudaa’aba: Maqtu’ah in maqam Hijaz Kar        Marcel Khalife
2. Sama’i: maqam Kurd                                            Simon Shaheen
3. Longa: maqam Kurd                                              Simon Shaheen
4. Taqasim ’Ala al-Wahda: ’ud and violin                Khalife & Shaheen
5. Rita: Ughniyya                                                        Marcel Khalife
6. Instrumental Medley                                               Simon Shaheen
        Muqaddima on maqam Rast
        Taqasim on the ’ud
        Dulab on maqam Hijaz
        Taqasim on the violin
        Raqsat al-Jarrah on maqam Bayati
7. Taqasim: duet improvisation on the ’ud                Khalife & Shaheen
8. Sama’i: maqam Bayati                                            Marcel Khalife
9. Ummi: Ughniyya                                                        Marcel Khalife
10. Amurru Bi-Ismiki: song in maqam Nahawand     Marcel Khalife
11. Longa: maqam Nahawand                                    Marcel Khalife


Ken Shaw wrote:

The review of this concert given by my 18 year old son said it all: when I asked him what he thought, he told me that it was the best live music concert he had ever seen. I asked what he liked best and he said that he was impressed by Marcel Khalife's modesty and humility, and that he plays exactly what he feels.

For myself, I'd have to say I was dazzled by the prowess of Simon Shaheen on both the oud and the violin. His technical mastery of the instruments allows him freedom to express many ideas and feelings. He played a smaller Turkish style oud and showed that he was comfortable in the higher positions on the neck. A highlight of the evening was a beautiful oud solo Simon dedicated to the memory of a Turkish composer who passed away in the previous week. As the show progressed, Simon moved to violin and allowed Marcel Khalife to be featured on the oud. Khalife plays a larger Syrian style oud and he and brought out the resonance of the lower registers. When Khalife began to sing, the audience came to life and clapped and sang along. There was a jazz style bass player in the group as well as two percussionists, one of whom was Marcel Khalife's 17-year-old son. This was an amazing show. I would love to know whether it was recorded and whether the recording might become available.

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